Zinda Tilismath is herbal unani healthcare company founded in 1920, combines the word ‘Zinda’ (meaning ‘living’) and Tilismath (meaning ‘Magic’). Hence, Zinda Tilismath means ‘Living Magic’ in terms of its effectiveness & medicinal benefits that have been effective in treating numerous common household ailments.

It is one of the most trusted brands in southern Asia and a remedy for every home (‘Har Ghar Ki Dawa’) to millions of families since 1920. 

Har Ghar Ki Dawa

Values & Philosophy

Zinda Tilismath is committed to making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world.


To establish Zinda Tilismath as a natural, trusted brand that harnesses nature’s miracles to provide healthy living for everyone.


To bring health & wellbeing into every home through nature.


A Hundred Year Legacy

In 1920, under the Nizams rule in the historic city of Hyderabad, Zinda Tilismath was founded by Hakeem Mohammed Moizuddin Farooqui. This was the period when new industries were beginning to emerge in the then State of Hyderabad and were adding to the grandeur of the Deccan.

Right from its inception in 1920, Zinda Tilismath has been charting an unwavering course that has catapulted the group into the international limelight and today, 100 years later the company stands majestically as a grand manufacturer of herbal Unani medicines across India and also acclaims’ international popularity for the uniqueness of its products.

Infrastructure & Technology

Zinda Tilismath has always adhered to the highest quality standards. In recent years, it has successfully progressed with a culture of innovation driven by research. This is evident in our modern research & development department, equipped with highly qualified experts that are engaged in research of Unani/Ayurvedic & wellness products.

Our two state of the art manufacturing facilities that are GMP certified have been equipped with highly sophisticated & compliant machinery like automated Filling, Capping, Cartoning etc.,. We leverage technology for all kinds of compliances including the environment, and our products are analysed to identify quality, purity & contamination of heavy metals.

It is one of the most trusted brands in southern Asia and a remedy for every home (‘Har Ghar Ki Dawa’) to millions of families since 1920. 

Research & Development

Over the years, Zinda Tilismath has invested significantly in our Research & Development (R&D) Program. We have recruited highly trained scientists with exceptional credentials in our ultra-modern research facility with quality control & assurance to deliver international quality products. 

The formulation of our products with the right rationale of natural ingredients in health & wellness products by Zinda Tilismath with clinical evaluation to guarantee the evaluation of safety & efficacy were nurtured since our inception by our Founder Late Hakeem Mohammed Moizuddin Farooqui. This is still the foundation of scientific research at Zinda Tilismath. Furthermore, with advancement in medicinal technology, we have adapted modern analytical tools to methodically support traditional knowledge of medicine. 

Our R&D department, scientifically evaluates the process & our products to scrutinise their potential for patentability and wherever applicable, our legal team secures intellectual property rights.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control & Quality Assurance departments at Zinda Tilismath ensure the highest quality of raw materials & control our manufacturing processes with modern technologies in order to manufacture our efficacious products. The Zinda Tilismath company is certified with GMP & ISO Quality Standards.

Zinda Tilismath, having an established quality policy to develop high quality products under highly supervised & controlled systems to guarantee safety & efficacy, we have always been dedicated to providing quality products at competitive prices for everyone. 

Nizam's Crown (Dastaar)

Since Zinda Tilismath was invented during the Nizam’s rule in Hyderabad, for which it acquired the Nizam’s Crown (Dastaar) as its trademark.

Siddi's Face

The Marketing logo was the Siddi’s face which was symbolic of good health and trust. This got associated with Zinda Tilismath as during the Nizams rule, the people from this region were in Nizams security forces and their overall physique & strength was the sign of good health.

Shark Fish Logo

Farooky Tooth Powder holds the shark fish as its trademark. A shark is known to have strong teeth, which is why it got itself associated with Farooky Tooth Powder.

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