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Our Other Products

Farooky Tooth Powder

The other unique herbal product manufactured by Karkhana Zindatilismath is the Farooky Toothpowder, which is a unique combination of 16 herbal ingredients that give total dental hygiene, strong and white teeth. The pure extracts of 16 herbs and barks, tested over generations, have been blended into a potent combination that not only cleans teeth, but also protects and strengthens them. For perfect dental care, teeth and gums are to be massaged with Farooky Toothpowder powder, which with the help of a brush, removes food particles from the cavities and crevices of the teeth, the powder strengthens the gums by allowing the essences from 16 rich herbs to percolate down the gum layers.

Zinda Balm

The third invention of Karkhana Zindatilismath is its pain balm called as Zinda Balm. As the name suggests it is used for treating body and muscular pains. Zinda Balm acts a wonder cure for backache, chest pain, muscular pains and itching. Not only this, it also helps in getting rid of nasty cough, cold and headaches. With its unique formulation specially made with herbal ingredients which are proven safe and effective for many that use this balm for treating muscular and body pains.

Social Responsibility

Karkhana Zindatilismath firmly believes in giving back to the society and its customers. From our free sampling of products in Government Hospitals, health camps in flood and natural disaster effected places we have made a positive difference. Free samples are given out to pilgrims of HAJ each year, wherein a camp is organized to educate people about many common ailments that can be treated by using our 100% natural and safe medicines. We also run consumer loyalty schemes such as lucky draws of gold coins etc. During the outbreak of Swine Flu and Chikun Guniea , we have organized dirking of Zindtalimath to people in market places and educate them as how it can be used as a preventive measure for such diseases . In future, our plans are to reach out to the younger generation and make them understand the importance of using herbal and ancient unani medicines in the day to day life , and this we intend to do so by inviting school and colleges to come and visit our factory and learn about herbal an Unani medicines.