100% Herbal & Natural                                                                                                All Natural Ingredients                                                                                                Living Magic                                                                                                Har Marz Ki Dawa


All these ingredients used in the making of Zindatilismath are known to have healing medical benefits, and are said to be one of the unique and matchless classical formulas used in the Indian traditional Unani medical system

Today, Zindatilismath has almost become synonymous with Hyderabad just like Charminar has been associated with Hyderabad. Zindatilismath, is not only famous if India but also globally across many countries. The five main ingredients involved in making the medicine are:

  • Eucalyptus Oil ( Neel Gond ka tail)
  • Camphor( Sattay Caphoor)
  • Menthol: (Sattay Pudina)
  • Thymol( Sattay Ajwain)
  • Alkanet root (Rangbasa/Ratanjot)